Gantry Hoist Specification Sheets

London Hoists offer a range of gantry hoists with payloads of up to 1000kg.

To download a specification sheet click on the description below.


Gantry Hoists Specification Sheets
 Manufacturer  Reference  Description 
 Beta  300 Runway Beam and A Frame, 300kg
 Beta  1000 Runway Beam and A Frame, 1000kg
 Beta  LD300 Ground Based Static 300kg Gantry Hoist
 Beta  300 Runway Beam 300kg Gantry Hoist
 Beta  500 Runway Beam 500kg Gantry Hoist
 Beta  1000 Runway Beam 1000kg Gantry Hoist
 Beta  LD600 Static 600kg Gantry Hoist