Passenger/Goods Hoist Project; Southend-On-Sea

This single cage 20/32TD 2000kg SWL passenger & goods hoist was for Hollybrook, project manager Jim Mckenna.


The project was to build Student Accommodation in London Road Southend On Sea , Essex.


London Hoist visited site to survey the intended location of the hoist and requested Autocad drawings of the construction site and possible hoist solution.


We used the drawings to plot the hoist and configure the orientation of the hoist to suit site conditions.


This was then sent to the site consulting engineers for review and comment.


We were able to indicate on our drawings the precise location of the hoist on the building and provide additional information. ie. Tie locations, tie loads. Base loads which facilitated the installation and safe use of the hoist.


Extracts from these drawings are shown opposite.


If you have a complex project contact London Hoist for construction hoist specification and design support.

 Construction Hoist Location and Loading Drawing from London Hoist

Construction Hoist Tie Design Drawing from London Hoist

Construction Hoist Tie Location Drwaing from London Hoist

Single cage 20/32TD 2000kg Passenger Goods Hoist at Southend-on-Sea Development