Mast Climbing Work Platforms

Mast Climbing Work Platforms (also called mast climbers and mastclimbers)are a modular system of deck sections and mast sections that are pinned and/or bolted together to create a platform of a pre determined length and height. The overall length of the platform will be determined by several factors; for example the length of the elevation, the payload required and the maximum allowable configuration of the platform. The overall height is determined by the height of the structure to be accessed.

Mast Climber Work Platforms from London Hoist

Mast Climbing Work Platforms can be used on many applications on both medium/high rise refurbishment and new build construction. Please see our applications section for more detail.

The benefits of using Mast Climbing Work Platforms over more traditional access methods include but are not limited to:-

  • Speed of installation – 40m high x 20m long elevation ready for use within 3 days (subject to local conditions).
  • Exact working height – reduced bending and stretching.
  • No adaption required to adjust working height – just operate the up or down control.
  • Reduced material handling – less damage.
  • Fewer ties to the building façade.

At London Hoist Limited we are able to offer a full comprehensive site survey along with AutoCad drawings showing the platform layout proposals. We are also able to assist with all technical details that may be required.

Please do not hesitate to contact the office on 01277 365753 for further information.