Mast Climbing Work Platform and Goods/Passenger Hoist Project Stratford London E15

London Hoist were recently awarded the contract to supply a Passenger/Goods Hoist and Mast Climbers to a new build residential development on Stratford High Street for GallifordTry Partnerships.

The Mast Climbers were installed in various configurations to suit the facade and used for men and material access to install the new facade. This was made up of various elements including render, curtain walling and, brickwork. Also due to the profile of the building which incorporated curves as well as balconies many of the platforms had a front edge extension of up to 1500mm  to profile the building.

The Goods/Passenger Hoist has been installed for men and material access to the internal of the building to accommodate the fit out.    

Hoist Type: 20/32 TD Goods/Passenger Hoist with “C” Gate for side loading
Mast Climbers: 7 x Twin Mast Platforms and 12 x Single Mast Platforms