Specialist Hoist Rental Company

London Hoist Ltd was established in 1986 and is the largest construction hoist rental company in the UK offering an extensive range of equipment ranging from 200kg Scaffold Hoists to 2000kg Passenger and Materials Hoists and Mast Climbing Work Platforms (also commonly referred to as Mast Climbers)

Unlike general plant hire companies we specialise in Hoists and Mast Climbers, and can therefore assure you that our expertise, extensive knowledge and vast experience will prove an important advantage when advising you concerning the correct hoist for your project.

Our main yard in Essex located in the Ongar area has a range of workshops with skilled fitters.

Fabrication workshop - Where our fully trained fabricators are able to carry out in house repairs and where required, produce bespoke fittings to engineered drawings.

Preparation/Repair workshop - This workshop prepares and repairs our scaffold hoists, gantry hoists and small goods hoists so that they are ready 'Off the shelf' for
quick delivery to site as required. This workshop also prepares our larger goods and passenger hoists for the specific requirements of each site.

Paint spray shop - All of our hoists are prepared to the highest standards including frequent repainting. We are also able to supply hoists in liveries specified by our customers if requested.

We also have our own dedicated fleet of vechicles (including a 28 metre tonne lorry loader) and pickup trucks for delivery of all equipment prepared in our yard, for delivery directly to site.

Our second depot located just north of Birmingham is able to supply our full range of hoists.